Monday – time to work!

Posted on March 28th, 2011 by

Greetings from Lauren Damrow and Kristin Kennedy!


We’ve all enjoyed our free time with our wonderful host families, but today we need to get to work.  After a delicious breakfast of chilaquiles verdes snd papaya, we quickly toured the facilities at which we will be working and then proceeded to our assigned places for the day.  Several of us -Kristin, Lauren, Kevin, Katelyn and Barb- are working at DIF taking blood pressures, blood sugars, pulses, heights, and weights.  Korbin and Sarah Kate are working at a school for children with disabilities; Nicole, Kirsten and Karla are helping at a rehabilitation center; Allie, Molly, Patty and Chaz are experiencing the craziness of the hospital in town.  Each day is a little bit easier as we become accustomed to the culture of Petatlan.  Despite the minor culture shock, we can all agree that people are very friendly and the food is delicious.

Wish you could be here to experience the amazing city of Petatlan with us!

The photos are from breakfast at DIF and of the four students working at DIF today.



  1. Tracey Peymann says:

    Glad you all made it safely, especially Patty!! Take good care of her 🙂 and have a great trip!

  2. Mimi Gerstbauer says:

    So great to see this sister city relationship continue to flourish, and to see the Gustie nursing students there. Thanks for making the posts, Chaz.

  3. Heidi Meyer says:

    Look at all of you in your awesome uniforms! So fun to see the pictures – can’t wait to hear about it when you get back! Thanks for all your hard work on this trip!

  4. Griselda says:

    Molly I am so proud of you! they will love your smile along with your Spanish. Te quiero mucho! Gryz

  5. Paula Swiggum says:

    Loved the pictures and am so proud of our Gustie nurses! Can’t wait to hear the stories.

  6. Kaeli Wayne says:

    Go Gustie nurses:) Looks like a fun time…wish I was there!!!