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Hola bloggers! It has been another scorcher here in Petatlán but that did not stop our hosts from running us around town and throughout the Petatlán Municipality. Here is what Mayor Tim Strand had to say about some of our experiences today:

“Today we had breakfast, then went to their church for the morning service. The President led us there, then proceeded to introduce us to EVERYONE! The church was crowded & overflowing, but everybody made way for “El Presidente” who was escorting us through the mass of people. Then he proceeded to introduce us to the priest that gave the service. After receiving 2 gifts (picture of the Christ & some homemade Olive oil), we attended a water event on their river. They had a competition of rowers to see who was the fastest. I would guess about 1,000 people were at this event. There was a special table set up for “El Presidente” and we were driven right up to the special viewing tent, which was directly in front of the finish line! Such a fantastic view. After that we toured the cultural center and then ate lunch at a sea-side restaurant that was perched on a picturesque cliff overlooking the ocean.”

-Mayor Tim Strand

Having been shuffled along all day we were given a short time to ourselves before our evening festivities began. The festivities began when we were seated at a long table in the town center with all of the city officials and welcomed in front of hundreds of Petatlán citizens. We watched what they call the “Domingo Cultural” (Cultural Sunday) for the next two and a half hours. There were dancers of all ages, fantastic singers/guitarists  and Aztec dancers. A true cultural experience!

Check out photos from today below (videos coming soon!!!)

Presenting our gift to the church in Petatlán

Presenting our gift to the church in Petatlán

Great view for the boat races!

Great view for the boat races!

Check back soon!



  1. dustin andree says:

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii mr.lanas

  2. period 3 Spanish says:

    hola from period 3, we hope you are having a great time in Mexico. It’s a freezing cold 32 degrees this morning…. hanna typed all this (:

  3. period 5 Spanish says:

    Hola Sr.Lanas- hope you’re having a good time in the hot weather while we’re freezing here. Por favor, llevenos dulces mejicanos.

  4. period 6 Spanish says:

    hola. did you get our sand yet? Enjoy your time in Mexico.

  5. Aaron Eckerdt says:

    hola! hows mexico! it might snow a inch!!!!!! in st peter!!!! cant wait to have you back!!!

  6. Mr. Lanas says:

    Many thanks to all my students who wrote on here and have been thinking of us while we make this important and culturally changing trip. I hope you all are doing well, I can’t wait to see you. I’ve been having a wonderful time here and the people here have been unbelievably warm in thier welcome and hospitality. We have been busy building a system and central base for future exploration trips, visits, email penpals, language exchange, service learning, and much more that will open up doors to language and culture. Thanks, and we’ll see you in class!
    Sr. Lanas

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