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Today is our last day serving in Petetlan (for now). None of us can believe that it is almost time to say goodbye to our friends and respective families.  In attempt to demonstrate our gratitude and affection we hosted a fiesta in honor of our families at the house of Sarah Kate’s family. After spending the day at our various locations we had the opportunity to visit the university. We were lucky enough to visit on the day that all of the students were presenting their projects that they had been working on all semester. We sampled food that was made by the food preservation students in their organic food lab, such as marmalade, cactus bread, and vegetable cookies.  The industrial students presented their creative mechanical projects in which we were all very impressed.  After the university we returned to our host families and prepared for the fiesta. Everyone was dressed to the nines and looked muy bonita. We were welcomed to the fiesta by a band playing traditional mexican music, and at this time we were able to introduce our host families to all of our friends. We prepared a slide show with tons of pictures from DIF, CAME,the rehab center, the hospital, elementary school, downtown, and the various activities we experienced with our individual families.  Each of us talked about our involvement at the different locations and its impact on us in attempts to share our many unique experiences with our host families. Following the presentation we ate a delicious tacos- and of course RICE AND BEANS! After dinner we were all thoroughly entertained by a mariachi band as well as spontaneous performances from Claudia and Miguel (Sarah Kate’s host dad). We danced the night away and took millions of pictures until we were all pleasantly exhausted. We hope that the night showed our appreciation and love for Petetlan and its people. Today we are preparing to say our final farewells and head to the turtle camp! Stay tuned to hear the results of the nurses v.s. cocodrillos battle!  🙂 Molly and Allie



  1. Mary Saiko says:

    We are proud of all of you. Taking this adventure and shaing it warms our hearts. Bring alot of that warmth home Sunday.

  2. Ana Adams says:

    Gracias por las fotos y por narrar la estancia. ¡Qué maravillosa experiencia para todos! Espero que tengan buen viaje de regreso y sigan compartiendo con el resto aquí lo que hicieron en Petatlán.

  3. claudia islas says:

    GRACIAS ustedes por esos mágicos momentos….