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Turtle adventure!

Our last outing in Petatlán was to the San Valentin sea turtle sanctuary.  Three of the six species of sea turtles that are found at the shores of Mexico lay their eggs on this beach.  Alberto, an ecologist and veterinarian, works with former sea turtle poachers to protect the turtles from those who would steal […]


Today is our last day serving in Petetlan (for now). None of us can believe that it is almost time to say goodbye to our friends and respective families.  In attempt to demonstrate our gratitude and affection we hosted a fiesta in honor of our families at the house of Sarah Kate’s family. After spending […]

Halfway Through the Week

Hola everyone! We continue our service work today after arriving at DIF at 7am and eating a delicious breakfast of hotcakes.  Raul, my host father and also the lawyer/social worker for DIF, woke up early today to bring a young boy to an orphanage in Acupulco.  After breakfast, Lauren, Barbara, and I went the the general […]

The Friendly Smiles of Petatlan :) – 3/29/11

We continue to be awakened by the sound of roosters bright and early each morning. Today, we continued our service work in the four locations that we visited yesterday. Lauren, Korbin, Kevin, Sarah Kate and Patty are working at DIF. Molly, Allie and Carla are at the Rehabilitation Center. Kirsten and Nicole spent the morning […]

Monday – time to work!

Greetings from Lauren Damrow and Kristin Kennedy!   We’ve all enjoyed our free time with our wonderful host families, but today we need to get to work.  After a delicious breakfast of chilaquiles verdes snd papaya, we quickly toured the facilities at which we will be working and then proceeded to our assigned places for […]

Family Day!

My apologies for no blog entry yesterday; however, maybe that gives you an idea of just how busy everyone was. The students spent the entire day with their families yesterday doing a variety of things such as spending a couple of hours at the local history museum/archeological site, “chillin” at the beach, going into Ixtapa […]

Excitement in the Air

Greetings again from Petatlan! The group arrived at the airport today and was greeted by the First Lady of Petatlan and much of her staff with flowers for everyone. Upon leaving the airport there was a short in-country orientation for the group at a coastal restaurant where everyone was able to taste a variety of […]

We’re Ready!!

Hola, everyone! Jeffrey and I arrived safely to Petatlan yesterday to finish up all of the last-minute errands that need to be done before the whole nursing/medical group arrives tomorrow. Last night we held an orientation for the host families and spent a couple of hours with them to go over the basics of hosting […]